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Let children creative and make a different

Principal's Message

Today's world is objective based. In this objective based world itself future is decided. The low standards which maintaining in political scenario gives a bad impact on our society. In today's world almost every person is running in a blind race. As a result of that the social standards are demolishing and cultural values are at worst. So at present, the aim of our education must be the development of not only physical and mental but also character of a person.

Teachers has very important role in development of any nation. The standard of education is depends on the quality of teachers available. The quality of teachers is depends on his training.

the main goal of our college is to provide and develop valuable, practical, and social education to our students who will be able to stand for nation in future.

Our college family encourage the kind of education who can relate the rich cultural and scientific approach.

I have a belief that in our college different ideologies will implemented by using those Ramakrishna college will be able to provide its contribution in development of country.

Dr Smt Pratiksha Sharma



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